Passions and… nostalgia?

I want to talk about my passions, because it’s what this site is about.

I grew up among people who were passionate for football, but I wasn’t really interested and slowly I started to develop my own interests: music, computers, reading, traveling…

I have always followed the progress of technology and it makes me smile thinking that things that today seems super easy, like open a web page from a mobile phone, twenty years ago were not even imaginable, when the internet was moving timidly its first steps into our lives and the only way to surf the web was to go to an internet cafe, hehe..

Yes, that was twenty years ago!!!

And so I found myself thinking about how things were done before we have super hi-tech processors ready to provide any kind of information always in our pocket and this video came out.
Enjoy it and… let me know what you think about it!

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