5 Capitals in 5 days

In June 2016 I decided to take a very challenging trip:
I visited 5 European capitals where I had never been before in just 5 days!
I flew from Turin to Amsterdam and then moved by bus with Flixbus between Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest, traveling by day and resting at night in hostels.


It was an exciting journey and in this video I put together some of the highlights:

I basically spent every day to walk or move with the subway to try to see as much things as possible in every city, and on the last night I had to rest in a KFC open 24 hours before taking the shuttle at 3 am in the morning that would have brought me to the Budapest airport to return to Turin.
Although it was a very tiring experience, it was one of the most intense and interesting week throughout 2016 and an absolutely amazing trip!
Waking up every day in a different state was unbelievable!

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